Tweetie for Mac

I’ve been using Tweetie for Mac for about sometime now. I tossed Twitteriffic out of the context, since it’s not so fun anymore. Anyway, a native Twitter client supposedly faster than those cross-platform Air-based Twitter clients. So Tweetie is an app to go for me right now in a Mac environment.

Today, they release version 1.2. It supports video recording via iSight, fix some bugs, but brings back those weird white selection background, and they haven’t put any Twitter refresh API yet (I really need those, the default refresh time is way too long)

I still eager to wait for other breakthrough features to this sweet Twitter client app.

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On Tweet-Up

A tweet-up basically is an offline meet-up between users of a community. In this case the community is Twitter. Here in Jakarta, we formed our own Jakarta Twitter User Group. Consist of many individuals from every kind of realm. We usually do a monthly tweet-up at random dates.

I love doing a tweet-up. For me, tweet-up can bring you trust. You meet people, you getting know them personally, and by that you build trust with each other. The first tweet-up that I attend was back in July with the members of J-Tug. and now seven months later, I have created a personal friendship with most of them.

That’s the thing with offline meet-up, you get to know one another as they were. Not just by their avatar or their post. Now everybody is talking about social media, social web, and social networking. Some would show up and say that they are a social media expert or whatever. They tend to kept occupied on how to keep engaging with your online friends, follower, buddies.

But they probably forgot that the true meaning to this social media tools is to build trust with one another. Yet. in my opinion a true social face-to-face interaction with a real world human being can build trust more effectively than say building up a conversation online.

So here’s my suggestion especially for you that use Twitter and want to “engage” your follower more closely: gather up a twitter user-group meet-up in your town. do some offline activities, go see a movie or make game nights perhaps, you name it,  whatever things that can make you engage with your twitter friends.

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Twitterrific, a Love and Hate Relationship

Besides the web user interface, I’ve used a lot of Twitter client. Mostly I used Adobe Air popular twitter clients like Twhirl, TweetDeck, or DestroyTwitter. Love them all. I tend to use multiple client, yeah I’m usually got bored when using only one method of Tweeting.

Why the Air apps you ask? well in my daily activities I used multiple platforms, Windows for office works, Mac for everything else. So multi platform solutions using Air brought me constant user interface for those clients that I mention above.

The only platform-based desktop client that I used as frequent as the above Air apps is Twitterrific, one of the simplest twitter client for Mac. Twitterrific is a simple yet a nice client. (You can see their nice features on their homepage) I use their latest 3.1 version.

The thing is, although it’s merely a simple (though powerful) client, it has it’s flaw. A flaw that I wish the developers could fix in the future versions. These are some of my .. I don’t know, rant? Probably like a wishlist about Twitterrific:

  • Please, put a retweet button. Retweet is a common feature on a twitter client. Many users are using retweet in their daily tweeting activities. So it should be there.
  • Fix the favorite button. The “Add this tweet as favorite” button doesn’t seem to work at all. That’s a very minus point for you, twitterrific. Please fix it, this is very vital.
  • I know you probably wants us to see our friends as personal, but sometimes showing their full name rather than their username is a bit confusing. When I follow new user, I prefer remembering his username. Say for instance I follow a @johntheawesome, I probably wouldn’t notice that his full name is Jonathan Walker Davis Jr. So username info is important too.
  • Last one, a friend of mine wishes a separate replies and dm’s tab. But probably that makes Twitterrific less simple, right?
  • I still have big faith on you, Twitterrific. Please don’t let me down. :)

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Twhirl 0.8.8f

The new preview release of twhirl is just okay. I mean there’s no big changes regarding the user interface or any big features in my opinion. Yet it does bring one of my favorite feature from TweetDeck, name search on replies tab. Try it, people, it’s nice.

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On Twitter Friends


It’s been a year and half now. This emerging phenomenon called Twitter doesn’t seem to take aside in the flow of the interweb yet. Okay. I’ve played along with it’s stream of excitement. I can say that I too have become so attracted to it. 

Attracted in ways that I have found interesting things and interesting people out there. People that I can safe to say becoming my close friends. People that I can share some of my thoughts and dreams. Ah, I’m becoming too dramatic now, eh?

Asides from that. If you see on my following and followers list, I wasn’t your typical friends collector. I’m heedfully selecting whom I should follow, and whose in my following list. This conservative step that I took is to show that I wasn’t doing a popularity contest. I’m planning to make a network of close friends, networks that I can share with. 

In the process of doing such things, I admit that my plan wouldn’t be fulfilling. Other activities tend to diverted me focusing on Twitter 100%. In addition, there’s some in and out users that uses Twitter occasionally. People come and go.

What I can admit is yes, I have a close circle of friends in Twitter. Just like this theory proves. Face it, I can’t engage with all of my friends all at once. I usually interact my the inner circles only. You can see the tendency of my tweets is going through that direction.

No, I’m not being selfish at all. It’s simply a matter of how you use Twitter. I have other activities other than Twitter, so I have a short amount of time on using it. Do you expect me to engage all of my following and followers? Certainly not. Yet, it doesn’t mean that I’m not talking with other members. I did that too, though not so frequently.

I can tell you this though, I don’t have any requirements on whom I choose to become the inner circle. It’s part of the process. I’m an open-minded guy, I don’t like rules that are too binding. So, I’m open to everything. If we meant to be close friends, we’re gonna be close friends. Twitter is a tool. One of a tool that connects me in my digital life.

I’m at btw.

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Twitter-Yahoo Mashup

The new mashup by Yahoo makes Twitter an alternative authoritative source for ultra-fast breaking news. This so-called TweetNews is a good move by Yahoo.

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