iPhone finally come to Indonesia?

First, there was the rumor spreading. Then, we had some evidence about it. And now, it’s official, iPhone is coming to Indonesia. They haven’t put a price tag on it. But it’s official that Telkomsel will be the main carrier for iPhone in Indonesia. You can pre-order it (but is the term right? “Pre-order” a thing when you don’t know the price tag is?). 

It comes with 3 flavor the 8GB, white 16GB, and black 16GB. I’m guessing the price will be between 9 million IDR to 12 million IDR. I haven’t had a clue about the payment term, probably via a data plan or something like that.

Telkomsel, Begitu Dekat Begitu Nyata
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So I’m expecting this iPhone enthusiastically. No, I won’t buy it in this near present. Don’t have that kind of budget yet. But I’m expecting some sort iPhone fanatics to emerge here too. You see, iPhone has become a phenomenon in the world, especially in the US, everyone understands that. But will it be a hype here in Indonesia? I’m expecting that too be true? Why? because I’m bored seeing Blackberry becoming overly hyped around here. It saddens that some (or many) people bought BB just because it’s the trend right now. Please iPhone, bring your magical charm here too. It’s good seeing one brand compete with another. At least there’s two of them. There can’t be only one. 😛


PS: thanks @aulia and @amirk for the heads-up! :)

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