That Wind OSX86

One of my not-so good habit is I like to buy stuff compulsively. So when one my colleague said he actually succeeded on installing OSX86 on his Axioo Pico I just can’t stand the curiosity and bought me a MSI Wind too (the OEM version of Pico).

Now I have in my hand an MSI Wind U100 1.6Ghz Atom Powered netbook with Windows XP pre-installed. Without further a do I installed OSX86 (it was the MacOSXWind version specialized on MSI Wind)


  • It detects almost every peripheral in there, except the Wifi device. Why? because the latest series of U100 was equipped with Atheros Wifi card, not the usual Realtek card. They only had a Realtek driver yet.
  • The mic-out, and line-out wasn’t detected properly. Still finding a way to solve this issues.
  • Sleep, restart, and shutdown features were great. No errors encountered.
  • You’ll get the typical OSX 10.5 Leopard user experience.

So on the next day I ask MSI if I could change the wifi module. They happily helped me changing the module to a Realtek one. Nice service there, MSI. Now I could use the wifi feature once again, although not in an Airport kind a way.

All in all, been using this WindOSX86 for about a week now. I can say that I’m happy of what it provides. Plain old OSX 10.5 in a 10-inch display. Quite nice as a Macbook nano of some sort.

Windbook Pro

Other infos:

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