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So, when the first two episodes of Lost season 5 aired this Wednesday, every one seems had “Lost” watching it. We’ll okay, probably it’s been too long since the last season aired. But I thought they gave away their special episode 0, which shows you recap of season 4?

If you’re following the Lost stories closely after all this year, I think you might not be Lost seeing the first two episodes. It was started right where season 4 left off. Okay, what we know is that the Island disappeared into thin air but six of them survives, hence the name Oceanic Six, the survivors of the Oceanic 815 flight. Yet actually, they are not the only survivors, they forced to leave the island since it’s disappearance.

Season 5 stories as I understand revolving on how the Oceanic Six struggles to get back to the island, and how the other survivors who still stranded, surviving the new threat on the island. There was a back and forth plot that occurred since the last season, and it will still happen throughout season 5. You will find old characters emerge again and gave meaning as the stories and mysteries unfold. 

I’m excited after seeing the first two episodes. Lost never disappointed me, story wise. They consistently provides interesting plot every season.

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